Vision and Mission

The Office of International Affairs and Cooperation (OIAC) is an office unit under the supervision of the Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy Universitas Gadjah Mada. OIAC is a bridge for both international and national institutions to establish partnerships with the Faculty of Philosophy UGM. OIAC provides professional support to facilitate and execute the international and national mission of the Faculty. It also provides services to strengthen the education and research competency of students and faculty members. OIAC is dedicated to supporting the development and grow thoftransnational education.

Vision statement

Within the Faculty of Philosophy Universitas Gadjah Mada, the Office of International Affairs and Cooperation (OIAC) is in charge of developing orientation of cooperation in the wider framework of national and international engagement and adapting to the evolving needs of partner universities and institutions.

Mission statement

OIAC has explicitly opted for the oriented interpretation of the three core tasks (education, research, and service) in a national and international context.

In education, OIAC offers  maximum opportunities to students, researchers and  faculty members to gain  international and national learning experiences with an active cooperation policy which aims to:

  • open global vision among the faculty members develop national and international training components and study programs
  • promote student exchange
  • programs attract talented students, researchers and experts from abroad
  • increase the competencies of  faculty members  in professional and global environments

In research, OIAC strives for national and international excellence by encouraging students and researchers to seek out and be active in national and international collaborations, research communities, research projects and scientific publications.

In service, OIAC provides excellent services to society by sharing, transferring, and contributing our faculty’s expertise related to societal progress on a national and global scale.



Dean Faculty of Philosophy



Head of OIAC